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Sara Adamchak

In-Person Breathwork - Saturday November 12th (2:30pm)

In-Person Breathwork - Saturday November 12th (2:30pm)

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Amarillo, Texas - Address will be emailed after signup

What to bring:
A yoga mat, a blanket, eye mask (or something to cover your eyes), a journal to write with and a water bottle. Dress comfortably and be sure not to have anything too heavy in your belly.

Special Instructions:
Please leave phones and electronic devices in your car unless otherwise approved.

This class is not advisable for people with: a history of cardiovascular disease (including angina or heart attack), high blood pressure, glaucoma, retinal detachment, osteoporosis, significant recently injuries or surgery, severe mental illness, seizure disorders, aneurysms, pregnant women (ask your doctor), or asthma.

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